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Visions and values


Our vision at Singleton Security Services is to continually develop specific and bespoke training programs.  We will deliver to a very high standard and ensuring quality delivery and content of courses giving an excellent outcome to meet operator and client needs. We will maintain this standard throughout the operator’s continuous learning plan and as they progress into individual contractual obligations.

We believe that demonstrating continuous improvement and maintaining high standards of delivery will give Singleton Security Service a competitive edge within the Industry and create further opportunity. We will supply professional, highly trained and confident operators who can implement industry standards effectively.   We will enable them to work with self-confidence and have the ability to reach and maintain high standards.  These additional skills and competencies for the operator will ensure that our clients receive a quality workforce.



  • Integrity – the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles
  • Teamwork – to be as effective and efficient as possible within a group, collaboration and delegation
  • Communication – to be successful conveying or sharing of ideas, feelings and information
  • Caring and Empathetic – showing ability to understand and display this understanding in a manner befitting a security professional.
  • Balanced – taking everything into account, judging fairly and treating everybody equally
  • Resolve initiative to find a solution
  • Professionalism – establishing, setting and maintaining high standards


For Singleton Security Services to supply to the customer/clients from a bank of highly trained and confident operators. These operators will be in possession of current badges in relevant SIA fields and up to date industry knowledge accordingly. The customer/client status through receiving the constant elevated training, service and competitive pricing of our operators provided will be to simply hire our operators time and time again.

  • Training/qualifications – providing tailored training sessions delivered by time served industry professionals in a modern training facility using the latest techniques and industry updates
  • Customers/clients – keeping the client base happy and regular
  • The level of professionalism within the operator will ensure that the client/customer are able to concentrate on their business
  • Auditory – keeping the operators current, informed and upskilled where necessary
  • Finances – to maintain profitability
  • Quality -Providing adequate and regulatory documentation for presentation and perusal on request



Through Singleton Security Service commitment to high standards it is our mission to earn the reverence of our clients by delivering the best quality security services within the industry. … As a company and as individuals we value above all else honesty, integrity, loyalty and professionalism.