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Close Protection


At Singleton Security Services Ltd we always endeavour to provide our customers with the full range of services required to be able to operate a flawless and consistent process, whatever the business! This includes but is not limited to close protection security.


The world we reside in is becoming increasingly dangerous in a multitude of ways and an ever-increasing level of security is often required to keep personnel and assets secure. The world of Close Protection is a dynamic and rewarding career comprising in multiple highly disciplined methods of protection and time-tested techniques applied throughout the industry both domestically and internationally, it is our objective here at Singleton Security Services to train the Close Protection Operatives to such a level that they are confident to take on a role ‘On The Circuit’.


The Circuit is the name coined by industry professionals for operators who regularly take on specific roles ‘protecting’ a number of items from clients and client’s family members to high profile residence and personal assets. It takes a special kind of person to be employed as a Close Protection Officer, often working alone and on their own initiative, often in foreign or unfamiliar countries and hostile environments (it’s not all pop stars and fancy nightclubs), there’s lots of planning and preparation to be done at every stage!

Close Protection Roles:

Inclusive within the world of Close Protection are roles such as:

Residential Security, or RST

The rich, famous, businessmen or even Royalty often have several residences in multiple countries, it stands to reason that these properties cannot be left unattended or unguarded, it may be the case you are asked to secure a residence for a period of time until the owner visits again – easy money!

Kidnap and Ransom threat

Looking after not only the client but the direct family of the client due to the threat of K&R, we have all seen the movies and this is a very real threat in the modern world.

Security Advanced Parties

Often a luxury but extremely advantageous, the first person to run the route you propose to take and to dynamically reconnoitre the area to be visited. The SAP will report back any issues which may cause the client to be inconvenienced or put in harm’s way, on this information plans may change, they often do!


Rather than the dynamic recce conducted by the SAP these recces can be conducted prior to the official visit by team members and should include routes, buildings and venues, likely direct fire positions and escape routes. With the development of modern technology these recces can be securely stored perhaps for future use.

Surveillance and Counter Surveillance

Surveillance and Counter Surveillance in essence! Following and preventing being followed to gather intelligence or prevent intelligence being gathered against you, it is an art!

Personal Bodyguard (direct client contact)

Being punctual, smart and well informed. Clients often ask for company during meals! Know your etiquette and research current affairs there is a fair chance you will be asked your opinion!

Walking/Driving drills

Protecting your clients while mobile, this is when they are most vulnerable.

Force Protection

How to defend a position most effectively from attack or trespass.

Travel Security

Trick and tips when travelling to unfamiliar destinations, how to stay safe and under the radar.


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